What About Drugs?

All pharmaceutical medicine is descended from nature’s bounty. Plants, animals & fish, minerals, and oxygen are all drugs nature provides. Even the sun provides endorphins, which are feel-good hormones for people and animals. All of these are critical for humans to survive.

Science has largely ignored plants and their potential beneficial uses, instead preferring to focus on sensationalistic and negative aspects of drug use. Too much of anything will indeed kill a person. Too much water will drown a person from the inside. Too much oxygen will cause oxygen poisoning, which is called oxidative stress. And everybody knows that drugs can kill when they are misused.

The benefits of drugs are numerous. Medications are helpful, from pain management to cancer treatment and Vitamin C to nitroglycerin. Since the caveman discovered that certain plants have unusual or medicinal effects, drugs have been used.

Who am I to say no to such a long history of drug use?

Throughout time, people have learned that too much of anything is bad for a person. Caffeine can kill when it is abused, just like any opiates. People have known to be moderate with drug use rather than radical. Things that kill are to be avoided. It’s just common sense.

I know whereof I speak. Drugs I am familiar with and comfortable with are many. The illegal ones are THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, found in marijuana, and psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms. The legal ones include a lifelong love of caffeine and a relatively long duration of smoking nicotine.

I am 67 years old now, and I’m just starting to think I should have tried more recreational drugs. Fortunately, it may not be too late for that.

LSD is the only extra illegal drug that I have tried and liked. I was too afraid of it, though – the news people scared me into thinking it was a dangerous and suicidal drug. As a result, I couldn’t relax enough to enjoy it. But in retrospect, I am rethinking my views. Maybe it is time to revisit LSD and see what happens.

I am just saying.

The pharmaceutical drugs I use regularly are antidepressants, Prosac, and Abilify to kick the Prosac. I also take Ativan occasionally to sleep and for fits of nervousness. Ativan is a drug like Valium.

Then too, I take vitamins and Trelegy for COPD. I am on oxygen as well. Any of these can kill me if I overdo it. Fortunately, I have too much common sense for that.

Recently I’ve been watching Joe Rogen on YouTube. He inspires me to continue with my drug experiments. My recent experiences with magic mushrooms have been epiphanies for me. They are simply lovely for various reasons. Magic mushrooms are mood elevators and color brighteners, and they help me to think more clearly.

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

A state of mind is like a dark cupboard, very spooky if you don’t know what’s in there. Worse too, if you keep hearing weird banging noises every once in a while.

OMG! Just stop talking. You’re making me crazier than usual. And the banging? I can account for that. Oh yes, I can.

Ok then.

Humorous Ways To Maintain the Insane – HubPages

Ok, what happened was that I essentially stayed up all night long, and that’s unusual for me because I’m a 9-hour-a-night sleeper, if not 9, then 10. However, I would not recommend staying up all night either; it’s hard on the body, possibly even traumatic. And it takes a few days to get over.

So then, stop talking and say why you damned fool. I was on this 50s Memories website because I was born in the 1950s and had occasional nostalgic twinges. Plus, I was invited to it by my sister-in-law. So I checked it out to be polite and joined up. My peers, after all.

I was checking out the 50s Memories website a couple of days ago when I saw this fantastic picture. It was of 4 1950s women, standing in a row, dressed in fabulous 1950 dresses, and they were all pointing handguns straight at the camera. Also, they were all giving deadeye looks. It was so cute that I couldn’t resist commenting on it.

All I said was, and this is paraphrased because the 50s people deleted my post, so I no longer have any access to it; that’s what kept me awake all night. I wasn’t even angry, more like stimulated, and I wrote all night long.

What I said was that only women and not men should be allowed to carry guns so that criminal behavior would be way down. It was a smart-ass remark, done because I thought it was amusing, also because I genuinely believe it and have said it before. Anyway, there was a firestorm within a couple of hours – I pissed off a lot of people, it seems.

To be entirely fair, though, opinion was divided and a lot of people, men as well as women, enjoyed and appreciated the comment. Unfortunately, since I am now censured by a website of a couple of million people, I don’t have any statistics on the matter. Before I got cut off, though, I had over 300 comments and likes within 2 or 3 hours.

It was every writer’s dream. I might have even gone viral. But there were supposedly many complaints that the remark was political, and the 50s Memories people deleted my comment in a few short hours. Bullshit, I say to that. Bullshit!

I don’t know what the administrator was thinking, but I believe that websites like traffic, the more, the better. Not the 50s Memories people – they booted my ass toot sweet. And that is why I stayed up all night.


Buttercup yellow!

a north east ohio garden

usually there are three petals and three sepals. this one is four and four…

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Season Of The Crush

By Linda Hahn

Crush parties are being planned all across the Napa Valley. Harvest season is underway. It starts with the sparkling light varieties and continues with the white wines. The bustle of activity is unmistakable.

Grapes must be picked when they are ready – not before and certainly not after. The sugar content must be perfect for the flavor. Two gadgets have been developed to measure sugar content – a refractometer or a hygrometer. Winemakers use one of these to test the grapes.

Also, the color of the grapes is another indicator, and the juice content of the grapes counts as well. But the most essential thing for winemakers is the taste. Nature says, when the birds, squirrels, and raccoons start eating grapes, they are ripe. When left too long, the grapes begin to wither and lose their flavoring.

August is the beginning of the crush, with most grapes harvested in September and October. The grapes are crushed for wine immediately after picking. Then, the stems must be removed. Ripe grapes are a beautiful sight to behold.

Ride to Ascension

So true this is.

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0lz2aqpbf2jiijq/ride%20to%20ascension.mp3?dl=0


Ride to Ascension

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

There is no there!

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It’s that magical time of year known as Veraison, when the grapes start to change color and everything is on point in the wine business. The pathway to harvest has begun, despite the on-going drought and heat spikes.

I wrote this for a friend’s wine tour blog.

Looking For A Job

The worst thing about looking for a job is the looking part. It’s all day and every day. It doesn’t quit.

Here are the 5 worst things about looking for a job.

1. Waking up every morning and facing the day. Squarely and with head on straight. No drugs or alcohol to smooth the traumatic jarring of morning time. And sure as hell, no smoking. The hard cold reality is hell on the nervous system. Coffee is our only friend.

2. Making the lists of what to do today. Checklists are valuable, and checklists are good. It’s a positive damn step, any which way you look at it, a regular daily outing. Go ahead and call it religious; it will help to deal with the task.

3. Answer the damned phone if it rings. Do no more than that. Accept all calls and texts. It may be a JOB. Friend or foe? Put a quick block on the hell nos, and with savage haste, go on your way.

4. Check the godawful email. First, skim it for import. Then sort it into 3 quick categories.

• Delete

• Important

• The quick glance-through

5. Going to sleep and knowing that you’re still looking for a job when you wake up. All hope is lost. Light a candle before bed to reinforce your job-hunting goodwill. Pray, as you’ve never prayed before, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee a job. Circle back to # 1.

first flower

Absolutely love this purple flower!

a north east ohio garden

something about the seedling bed is magical. something about not knowing exactly what mother nature is going to do. it is kind of like taking a kid into a candy store and letting them pick anything they like. yes like that. except adult kids are susceptible to other forms of sugar. still they really think that ‘sugar’ is sweeeeeet ! so i calmly ran to the seedling bed to find out what happened this morning. mother nature said in her best stage whisper ” let’s see what this one does…” it was not the tallest flower. and it was not the biggest flower. however it was one of the deepest shades of purple my eyes has ever seen. yes the kid has been in the candy shop again…

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