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Looking For A Job

The worst thing about looking for a job is the looking part. It’s all day and every day. It doesn’t quit.

Here are the 5 worst things about looking for a job.

1. Waking up every morning and facing the day. Squarely and with head on straight. No drugs or alcohol to smooth the traumatic jarring of morning time. And sure as hell, no smoking. The hard cold reality is hell on the nervous system. Coffee is our only friend.

2. Making the lists of what to do today. Checklists are valuable, and checklists are good. It’s a positive damn step, any which way you look at it, a regular daily outing. Go ahead and call it religious; it will help to deal with the task.

3. Answer the damned phone if it rings. Do no more than that. Accept all calls and texts. It may be a JOB. Friend or foe? Put a quick block on the hell nos, and with savage haste, go on your way.

4. Check the godawful email. First, skim it for import. Then sort it into 3 quick categories.

• Delete

• Important

• The quick glance-through

5. Going to sleep and knowing that you’re still looking for a job when you wake up. All hope is lost. Light a candle before bed to reinforce your job-hunting goodwill. Pray, as you’ve never prayed before, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee a job. Circle back to # 1.

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first flower

Absolutely love this purple flower!

a north east ohio garden

something about the seedling bed is magical. something about not knowing exactly what mother nature is going to do. it is kind of like taking a kid into a candy store and letting them pick anything they like. yes like that. except adult kids are susceptible to other forms of sugar. still they really think that ‘sugar’ is sweeeeeet ! so i calmly ran to the seedling bed to find out what happened this morning. mother nature said in her best stage whisper ” let’s see what this one does…” it was not the tallest flower. and it was not the biggest flower. however it was one of the deepest shades of purple my eyes has ever seen. yes the kid has been in the candy shop again…

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