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By Linda Hahn

Crush parties are being planned all across the Napa Valley. Harvest season is underway. It starts with the sparkling light varieties and continues with the white wines. The bustle of activity is unmistakable.

Grapes must be picked when they are ready – not before and certainly not after. The sugar content must be perfect for the flavor. Two gadgets have been developed to measure sugar content – a refractometer or a hygrometer. Winemakers use one of these to test the grapes.

Also, the color of the grapes is another indicator, and the juice content of the grapes counts as well. But the most essential thing for winemakers is the taste. Nature says, when the birds, squirrels, and raccoons start eating grapes, they are ripe. When left too long, the grapes begin to wither and lose their flavoring.

August is the beginning of the crush, with most grapes harvested in September and October. The grapes are crushed for wine immediately after picking. Then, the stems must be removed. Ripe grapes are a beautiful sight to behold.

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I just watched my favorite movie of all time, the original Blues Brothers from 1980, with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.  It cheered me the hell up.  Everybody needs a mission from God on occasion, and the music, and the chase scene of this fantastic movie.

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I swear to God, this is the only thing that I can really cook.  And the flavors are completely edible!


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Above all, there will be no laughing; the workplace is no place for humor of any kind.

1. The thing that will get you into the most trouble at work is a bad attitude. Some of us are born with it and some manage to finely hone this attribute throughout the years. The remaining  items are also old school versions of a bad attitude.


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I was so impressed with all the dog blogs I found that I organized them.  Please stop by to visit & add your own favorite dog blog to my plexo, or send to me.

Dogs are so people-like at times it is amazing. They relish life and show their appreciation in abundance. I’ve learned how to enjoy my own life more because of my dog observations. Thinking like a dog is the highest honor I can bestow upon myself.


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A listing of the best rock & roll retro music ever compiled.  Stop on by.


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The two families are neighbors, one the property owners and one the sharecroppers.   Two charismatic soldiers and their families, one white, one black, bound together by need, weather, circumstance. They came home from World War II to  the Delta country of Mississippi, a rich farmland, coveted by black and white farmers alike.  The soldiers became friends; their time in the military had equalized them.  They came back from the war different men.  The problem was that society had not become different.


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Red Riding Hood MeetsThe Big Bad Wolf The odds are 2 to 1 in favor of RR Hood.

Authored by Linda Hahn

It was dark and scary in the woods. The Wolf had always felt it; but he was a wolf, what was he going to do? Move into an upscale condo with a heavy duty neighborhood watch? Wouldn’t be right. Wouldn’t be proper.

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