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The greed of this world is not right.  We no longer have to accept it in any way.  We all have the capacity for change and growth.


Improving the world starts with us.

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We have no bananas today.

Then when troublesome disasters come down, like when British Petroleum poisoned 25% of the world’s oceans; but it was okay because that company is an investment for a bunch of retirees. So those retirees would be very hurt by legal actions against the corporation, which is now like a father to them.  So no harm done, no foul.  What the hell is more like it?!



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It’s time to find valid recycling options for plastic. What kind of world makes things that can’t be disposed of? There’s a pretty little tree outside my house and it has a plastic bag hanging toward the top. I can’t get to it and it’s been there awhile, two years I think. Storms, wind, and time don’t seem to be doing anything helpful in the way of getting it down. So the bag’s got a grip on the tree and I have to wonder – will it be there in twenty years? Fifty years? Plastic bottles start breaking down after 700 years, but bags take a bit longer, 1000 years just to start the process.


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