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For God’s sake, why can’t we have a fast train in this country? It’s not the Middle Ages anymore.

Helpful train travel tips, observations about trains, & cool toy trains.


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Amtrak has been issued godlike power from above to search luggage, give orders, and play the passengers like game avatars.  Staff scrutinizes the hapless passengers, looking for a reason to throw them off the train.  Some of these reasons include taking two seats without laying down any extra cash, drunkenness, smoking cigarettes or marijuana, and backtalking the staff.  There may be some kind of prize for throwing people off the train.  This is all a part of the United States’ more recent police state activities.


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High speed trains themselves are an enormous cost. If Dick Cheney’s Halliburton had been in the train business, Republicans would have been very efficient cheerleaders for such an enterprise; and this fair country would be slathered with train tracks.


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Trains are the only viable alternative to flying, which is another tortured ride through hell, first shaken down by security, then jammed into a plastic cattle car with nowhere to run.  At the very least on a train, it is possible to go for a walk; and survival is statistically more possible when crashing from ground level.


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