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The greed of this world is not right.  We no longer have to accept it in any way.  We all have the capacity for change and growth.


Improving the world starts with us.

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There is no doubt that the poor have been getting poorer and the rich have been getting richer much more rapidly in recent years.  The biggest problem is that the rich can afford to buy off the politicians who are policy makers, while the poor cannot buy anyone off because they are struggling to buy food, shelter, and other essential items for bare bones living.  It is a vicious and unending circle of survival hell.  


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The anti-drug stance of the United States costs big bucks.  And the underground economy brings in big bucks, with no tax liability at all.  It is difficult to sympathize with a country that spends so very much on a drug war that was obviously lost long ago, and one whose economy is upside down.  Not only is this anti-drug money being spent in huge amounts, year after year, also huge amounts of taxes are not being collected or paid out on the marijuana industry alone.


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Sixteen out of fifty states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. It is a progressive notion, at once frightening and witchy. Nonetheless, the feds keep making raids and laying down the law, the federal law. Law is a precious thing, full of rights and honor, whether lacking in common sense or not.  Also apparently, federal law is more potent than state law. How dare those state lawmakers think they can out-law the federal government?


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This classic tale detailing the class system in action is a story of survival, trust and learning the hard lessons.  It is three brothers against the world.  The gang they belong to is not only a bolster protecting them from harm, but a bulls-eye as well that attracts the wrath of a rival gang, the police and society in general.


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In terms of philosophy, all movement is yoga, all breathing is yoga.  A simple awareness of such is all that is necessary to start a daily yoga routine.  Humans unconsciously make movements to reduce stress or to flex muscles.  The human brain is a marvelous thing, it is programmed to keep the body healthy and demands food, sleep, and exercise when it is needed.  


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