School Horror

Our souls need help today.  School shootings are a horrible reflection of our society.

I had a brilliant rage published on Helium.com; but they disputed my fiery rhetoric and deleted the article.  Oh, yes, they did.  I shall try it one more time.  Let’s get a new system that is fair and actually works.


I just watched my favorite movie of all time, the original Blues Brothers from 1980, with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.  It cheered me the hell up.  Everybody needs a mission from God on occasion, and the music, and the chase scene of this fantastic movie.

Soup, Butter, and Beans

Supper tonight or political commentary?

Murphy Blue

My novel has been seriously mis-understood, mainly due to my ass-backwards method of book describing.  My novel, Murphy Blue, is a cat murder mystery novel, a beast fighting man type of thing.  There’s also a little side story about some poor bastard who gets convicted of murder and dances the death row shake, rattle, and roll.


Easy Country Supper

I swear to God, this is the only thing that I can really cook.  And the flavors are completely edible!


The greed of this world is not right.  We no longer have to accept it in any way.  We all have the capacity for change and growth.


Improving the world starts with us.

My Sweet Laptop

Hell rained upon my head and my computer wouldn’t work.  I pounded on those keys, but it helped not at all.  My desktop was bad broken, no work no more.  I finally took it to the shop and had some kind of transplant done.  Also I bought a laptop.  This is the story of my perilous journey to the ownership of two computers.


Dark Humor Tee Shirts

Shock and awe gifts.  Just call me drain bamaged.



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