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Behaviorism can be a great motivator, that is where one action impels another action.  A rubber band around the wrist will pinpoint the action, say swearing.  Swearing reminds the brain to take action, I.e. a quick snap of the rubber band, which causes a sharp quick pain, which shoots the message to the brain, no swearing.  If this circle is repeated a few times, the brain responds by learning that swearing is associated with pain.


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Deep grief has to work itself out.  It cannot be ignored.  Talking to and about the lost one helps, reliving and rehashing, bringing the events close at hand again, touching gently the memory, then harder, to poke the sore point again and again until the pain begins to recede and morph into an altogether different pain.


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Most people are not able to overcome their body image due to media portrayals of the perfect body.  It is shameful that body image can bring a person so low.  Health is important, not body image.


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In terms of philosophy, all movement is yoga, all breathing is yoga.  A simple awareness of such is all that is necessary to start a daily yoga routine.  Humans unconsciously make movements to reduce stress or to flex muscles.  The human brain is a marvelous thing, it is programmed to keep the body healthy and demands food, sleep, and exercise when it is needed.  


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