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The poor, the crazy, the disenfranchised, the elderly, the destitute, all these have their special place among the lowest of the classes.  Their numbers grow, but dispassionately we say, the poor are always with us.  Yes, the poor are always with us, so I guess that makes it okay.


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Above all, there will be no laughing; the workplace is no place for humor of any kind.

1. The thing that will get you into the most trouble at work is a bad attitude. Some of us are born with it and some manage to finely hone this attribute throughout the years. The remaining  items are also old school versions of a bad attitude.


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Behaviorism can be a great motivator, that is where one action impels another action.  A rubber band around the wrist will pinpoint the action, say swearing.  Swearing reminds the brain to take action, I.e. a quick snap of the rubber band, which causes a sharp quick pain, which shoots the message to the brain, no swearing.  If this circle is repeated a few times, the brain responds by learning that swearing is associated with pain.


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Deep grief has to work itself out.  It cannot be ignored.  Talking to and about the lost one helps, reliving and rehashing, bringing the events close at hand again, touching gently the memory, then harder, to poke the sore point again and again until the pain begins to recede and morph into an altogether different pain.


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The two families are neighbors, one the property owners and one the sharecroppers.   Two charismatic soldiers and their families, one white, one black, bound together by need, weather, circumstance. They came home from World War II to  the Delta country of Mississippi, a rich farmland, coveted by black and white farmers alike.  The soldiers became friends; their time in the military had equalized them.  They came back from the war different men.  The problem was that society had not become different.


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The United States economy is precariously balanced on the price of a gallon of gas.  Heating, cooking, and driving are all dependent on this factor, the price of a gallon of gas.  If the money boys could figure a way for people to eat gas, they would be thrilled.  They have to make do with profits on fuel and heat; and those profits are huge.   Of course the price of food is bitterly attached to the transportation cost of goods.


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It’s time to find valid recycling options for plastic. What kind of world makes things that can’t be disposed of? There’s a pretty little tree outside my house and it has a plastic bag hanging toward the top. I can’t get to it and it’s been there awhile, two years I think. Storms, wind, and time don’t seem to be doing anything helpful in the way of getting it down. So the bag’s got a grip on the tree and I have to wonder – will it be there in twenty years? Fifty years? Plastic bottles start breaking down after 700 years, but bags take a bit longer, 1000 years just to start the process.


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High speed trains themselves are an enormous cost. If Dick Cheney’s Halliburton had been in the train business, Republicans would have been very efficient cheerleaders for such an enterprise; and this fair country would be slathered with train tracks.


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Trains are the only viable alternative to flying, which is another tortured ride through hell, first shaken down by security, then jammed into a plastic cattle car with nowhere to run.  At the very least on a train, it is possible to go for a walk; and survival is statistically more possible when crashing from ground level.


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The anti-drug stance of the United States costs big bucks.  And the underground economy brings in big bucks, with no tax liability at all.  It is difficult to sympathize with a country that spends so very much on a drug war that was obviously lost long ago, and one whose economy is upside down.  Not only is this anti-drug money being spent in huge amounts, year after year, also huge amounts of taxes are not being collected or paid out on the marijuana industry alone.


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