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Our souls need help today.  School shootings are a horrible reflection of our society.

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I had a brilliant rage published on Helium.com; but they disputed my fiery rhetoric and deleted the article.  Oh, yes, they did.  I shall try it one more time.  Let’s get a new system that is fair and actually works.


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Supper tonight or political commentary?

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My novel has been seriously mis-understood, mainly due to my ass-backwards method of book describing.  My novel, Murphy Blue, is a cat murder mystery novel, a beast fighting man type of thing.  There’s also a little side story about some poor bastard who gets convicted of murder and dances the death row shake, rattle, and roll.


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I swear to God, this is the only thing that I can really cook.  And the flavors are completely edible!


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I was so impressed with all the dog blogs I found that I organized them.  Please stop by to visit & add your own favorite dog blog to my plexo, or send to me.

Dogs are so people-like at times it is amazing. They relish life and show their appreciation in abundance. I’ve learned how to enjoy my own life more because of my dog observations. Thinking like a dog is the highest honor I can bestow upon myself.


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Deep grief has to work itself out.  It cannot be ignored.  Talking to and about the lost one helps, reliving and rehashing, bringing the events close at hand again, touching gently the memory, then harder, to poke the sore point again and again until the pain begins to recede and morph into an altogether different pain.


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A listing of the best rock & roll retro music ever compiled.  Stop on by.


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Alas, the idiocy of my Farmville avatar!  That stupid girl is what I repeatedly call her.  I have no choice, she is on my nerves that badly.  I have no patience with her, when I click for her to move, I expect her to get off her fat ass.  Immediately, if not sooner.


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Red Riding Hood MeetsThe Big Bad Wolf The odds are 2 to 1 in favor of RR Hood.

Authored by Linda Hahn

It was dark and scary in the woods. The Wolf had always felt it; but he was a wolf, what was he going to do? Move into an upscale condo with a heavy duty neighborhood watch? Wouldn’t be right. Wouldn’t be proper.

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