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Behaviorism can be a great motivator, that is where one action impels another action.  A rubber band around the wrist will pinpoint the action, say swearing.  Swearing reminds the brain to take action, I.e. a quick snap of the rubber band, which causes a sharp quick pain, which shoots the message to the brain, no swearing.  If this circle is repeated a few times, the brain responds by learning that swearing is associated with pain.


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Red Riding Hood MeetsThe Big Bad Wolf The odds are 2 to 1 in favor of RR Hood.

Authored by Linda Hahn

It was dark and scary in the woods. The Wolf had always felt it; but he was a wolf, what was he going to do? Move into an upscale condo with a heavy duty neighborhood watch? Wouldn’t be right. Wouldn’t be proper.

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Society has evolved into a prison state. The poor, the unwanted, and the great unwashables are put out of sight. The true predatory criminals are usually not caught. They are too smart. This system is set up in favor of the great white collar criminal, a badge of honor in these United States. If there is no specific law against a thing, money can be made from it until the barn doors are nailed shut.


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When the young go to prison, they are impressionable and still learning. If there is no organized method, learning will be sought by whatever means. The brain is programmed to constantly take new information and organize it, make it fit into the changing landscape.


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Sixteen out of fifty states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. It is a progressive notion, at once frightening and witchy. Nonetheless, the feds keep making raids and laying down the law, the federal law. Law is a precious thing, full of rights and honor, whether lacking in common sense or not.  Also apparently, federal law is more potent than state law. How dare those state lawmakers think they can out-law the federal government?


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This prison state is a huge private club, and one whose members rarely leave. They are firstly branded as convicts, criminals, or excons. Their rights are stripped away, their freedom is gone, and not just the freedom to walk away from prison, but the freedom to live any kind of traditional, normal life. It is a clear and convincing intent by the federal government to remove certain of society’s undesirables on a permanent basis.


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